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A letter from Pastor Jimmy...

Two weeks ago, in a Sunday service, I shared my excitement that for the third straight quarter, we have been able to give above our monthly faith promise pledges to additional mission project needs and directly to missionaries needing to depart for the mission field. We have been able to do this because of the faithful and generous giving of people like you who believe in global and local missions. 

In the last two weeks, I shared what the Lord put on my heart to help us end 2023 with a greater impact for missions. Like you, I desire to be a Kingdom Builder for the cause of Christ, so I am asking all of us to focus our missions and outreach giving into one fund called "Kingdom Builder: 40K in the 4th Quarter". This unified giving effort directs us towards one vision of building the kingdom of God while continuing to support our 26 missionaries monthly, bless over 40 families in this year's Thanksgiving Share a Blessing, and give to the various missions projects like Speed the Light, BGMC, Convoy of Hope, Hand of Hope, and Global Inspire. We will receive a special offering on Sunday, November 5th, to jump-start this great cause.

For those of you set up for recurring giving with your Faith Promise Pledges or other missions-based pledges, there is an easy way to make this switch. Sarah Karsen, Church Alive's Director of Admin, can manually make the switch to continue your generous giving towards the "Kingdom Builder: 40K in the 4th Quarter" fund. If you have not set up recurring giving, please make future faith promise, missions, and other outreach-oriented giving to this new fund. Don't hesitate to contact Sarah Karsen in our office if you need help setting that up. For check or cash gifts, please mark the memo line of the check or giving envelope "Kingdom Builders" so we can designate that to the new fund.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.


Pastor Jimmy
Lead Pastor

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