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CASOM "Adult Tracks"


SAGU @ Church Alive School of Ministry- Option 1

This track is for adults who can't commit full-time to pursuing their college degree.  If you've considered finishing your degree, picking up an extra degree, or getting your master's degree then our SAGU track is for you.  This track allows you to take online classes as your work schedule allows, while meeting the online class deadlines for assignments and projects.  Our partnership with SAGU allows a more affordable option to completing your degree with the ability to apply to Financial Aid.

Associate Degrees Offered Online ($270/Credit Hour & CASOM Site Fee $500)

Church Ministries | Addictions Counseling | Business Administration | Human Services | General Studies

Bachelor Degrees Offered Online ($270/Credit Hour & CASOM Site Fee $500)

Church Leadership | Business | Human Services-Counseling | Human Services-Criminal Justice | Human Services-Psychology | Human Services-Social Work

Master Degrees Offered ($415/Credit Hour & CASOM Site Fee $500)

Practical Theology | Organizational Leadership | Business Administration


Berean School of the Bible- Option 2

Our Biblical studies track through Berean School of the Bible is our non-collegiate track for those seeking ministerial credentials, or for those simply desiring more biblical knowledge. We offer on-site classes at our Church Alive main campus one night a week for the adult track through the months of August-May (Coming Fall 2019).  At this time we only offer the level one certified minister classes through Berean School of the Bible (Global University).  Choosing this track will give you basic Bible education and is great for those who are pursuing ministry or simply wanting to serve in a greater capacity within the church.

Cost is $100 Per Class (4 weeks=1 Class)