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Church Alive Core Convictions

Church Alive exists to make it difficult for anyone in the Triangle and beyond to not know who Jesus is.   We want to give multiple opportunities to discover and connect with Jesus through transformational living.

Here are Church Aliveā€™s Core Convictions 


The church should be the single greatest place of creative expression on earth.  

We believe the church should be the epicenter for worship because God created us to and for worship.  Creative expression can happen in a multitude of ways including (but not limited too): praise, worship, singing, playing instruments, art, storytelling, dance, video, media, creative and arts teams.


The church maximizes its potential through people.  

Buildings are a necessary tool to facilitate creativity, learning, and ministry, however the building is NOT the church.  We believe a diverse gathering of people worshipping together, learning together, doing life together is the most powerful earthly visual of heaven.  


The church should have a cause bigger than itself. 

While we believe worshipping together is a necessary and essential part of our journey, it is only a part of the journey.  We believe the church will be blessed according to the proportion of participation and giving to missions and caring for the poor and needy throughout our region.  


The church will always be relevant.  

We believe the church will continue to thrive in the days ahead and be impactful within this region because Jesus is always relevant generation to generation.  As a place of gathering, learning, worshipping, facilitating ministry, and doing life through community, the church will always be a positive and powerful influence within the region.