SAGU Early Enrollment

Tuition and Fees:
Undergraduate Dual Credit Tuition per hour online (no fees) $100

General Education Courses:

ENG 1113 Composition and Rhetoric I                                                                       ENG 1123 Composition and Rhetoric II
ENG 2273 Introduction to Literature
MTH 1113 College Math or MTH 1123 College Algebra
BIO 1113 Biology
COM 1143 Speech
HIS 1113 American History I
GOV 2213 National and State Government
PED 2232 Wellness and Lifestyle
PSY 1153 Introduction to Psychology

Bible Core:

REL 1113 Authentic Christianity
REL 1173 Intro to Biblical Literature
THE 2113 Intro to Theology & Apologetics
THE 2333 Pentecostal Doctrine & History
BIB 1223 The Church in Ministry and Mission