Internship Q & A-

  • Is this a paid internship? We do not pay our interns.
  • Is housing provided? We are currently working on housing and will require it for all students moving forward. Please contact the Pastor of Interns, Jimmy Lunsford directly with questions regarding this decision.   
  • What if I am under 18? Rising High School Seniors under 18 can apply for our Summer Internship only and Early Enrollment Classes with SAGU (Juniors & Seniors in Highschool).  
  • Do I need my own transportation? It is highly recommended that interns have a vehicle. Not having transportation may limit your ability to fulfill internship requirements.
  • Do I need a personal laptop? Yes. You will need a laptop to complete regular assignments both for educational purposes and internship duties.  It will need at least Microsoft Office or Apple's basic word doc programs (pages, numbers, keynote). 
  • Will I be able to get a job during internship? Summer Interns and 10 Month Interns are allowed to have part time jobs as long as their schedule doesn’t interfere with the required intern schedule.  
  • Intern Schedule? The internship is a full time internship.  You work when the pastors/staff work.  This regular work schedule is Tuesday-Friday and Sundays.  Night events that students are required to attend are communicated in advance to adjust work schedule.  
  • Events? All church wide events are mandatory and are considered “all hands on deck” unless communicated differently by oversight pastor or Pastor of Interns.  Events that include travel are not guaranteed for interns.   
  • What will I gain from this internship? When you complete your internship you will possess valuable ministry experience, leadership training, and have discovered and developed your gifting.  You will also have the opportunity to pursue ministry experience and ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God by enrolling in our onsite Berean classes through Global University (non-collegiate).  The second option we offer is our SAGU track, which allows you to gain ministerial experience while earning one of our five Associate Degrees, six Bachelor Degrees, or one of our 3 Master's degrees.  
  • Will I be able to complete my internship at only one campus?   No.  You will be utilized at all of our campuses throughout your ministry.  
  • Will I be required to pass a background check? Yes. If you are 18 or older you will be required to complete a background check. References will also be contacted as part of your consideration for Church Alive School of Ministry. 
  • Will I work in one area during my internship? No.  You will receive direct oversight from the pastor of the ministry focus you choose.  However, you will be utliized in almost every ministry area of our church to gain the importance of every ministry as it fulfills the mission and vision of the church as a whole.

Admission Steps

What is the admission process?

  • Select Your Track (Summer or 10 Month SAGU or Berean) and Submit Application
  • References checked
  • Interview with Pastor of Interns
  • Complete Berean or SAGU Admission Application, SAGU Financial Aid App(SAGU’s FAFSA code 003616), & Class Enrollment
  • Receive Acceptance Letter