At Church Alive we are passionate about men living out authentic manhood as God designed.  The FiveStarMan movement is about real men who are ready to throw off mainstream society’s chains and embrace the ideals of God-given authentic manhood.  FiveStarMan hosts main events throughout the year such as Men’s Conference, Men’s Night In events, Men’s Bonfire, and other special events.  Through our small group ministry FiveStarMan offers small group studies specific to men. 

Men join us for our Men’s Bonfire on Friday, October 25th at 6:30pm. Teens and children are welcome. The Steak & Potatoe plate is $10 and a $5, Hotdog combo will be offered for those 12 & under. Bring a lawn chair to lounge while we enjoy great food and fellowship around a fire. The bonfire will be held only 15 minutes from the main and south campus.