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Life is Better in Circles

Find your Circle, Find your Group, Find your Life!

We offer a variety of small groups that meet outside of weekend gatherings. Each one is designed to create space for you to build community and experience personal growth! 

Click on one of the Groups below to join one today. 


How to sign-up for a GROUP? 

You can request to join any Groups (via Fellowship One Go Groups Finder ) when you go into any Group category and click "Sign-up for a Group Today!"

On the Groups Finder page click the “Any Ministry” tab and select Groups. Scroll down to find the Group of your choice and click the “Join” button. The leader will then email you, confirming you are signed up and with any further details.  

Don’t have Fellowship One Go account yet? Click the link and select “Don’t have an account” and follow the prompts. Or if you forgot your password select “Forgot Password”.

Select one of the categories below to find your GROUP!