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We want to make attending church enjoyable. 

So we thought we'd introduce ourselves first.

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Times + Locations

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We'd love to get to know you.


Discover + Connect 


This is the FIRST STEP in getting involved in our church and getting to know who we truly are, apart from our Sunday morning gatherings!

At this session, you will learn about the culture of Church Alive & who we are (our history as a church, our team, what we believe, and much more!) Then, we will share with you opportunities on how you can get involved at Church Alive & serve in an area that you are comfortable in!


Serve|Get Involved

At Church Alive we believe everyone should serve and have a place where they feel connected to a team with similar interests. Our heart is for people to live inside out & as you do that you will see your life being transformed. As you have discovered that this is the place for you, you will be connected to the place you will serve with a passion.

The best time to sign up to serve and be a part of something bigger than you are is TODAY! Click the button below to see what our serve teams look like and sign up for one that best suits you and your talents/interests!


Group Up



You have discovered & connected. You are serving, & doing life with a group of people at Church Alive. Now it is time to partner with us. We do not have membership, but we do have faithful covenant partners. If you believe in the mission of Church Alive, and call this place home, we highly recommend that you partner with us so we can further the gospel in our city!

For more info on when and where these classes are,

please click the link below!

You have discovered, connected, & are serving. When you have done the first two you will find yourself wanting more & that is because you are designed for community. We are all better together & at Church Alive you will consistently hear the phrase group up. We know that you live inside out when you join a group & do life with those people. If you haven’t joined a group yet click on the third step to find your group.



Now on Sale


Now on Sale

The Future Is Here.

Connection Events
Next Steps


Find the most asked questions and their answers right here.

> What are your gatherings like?

Our gatherings are typically 1.5 hours long. They’re friendly, encouraging and full of hope. We promise to honor your time. We know it's valuable!

> What will happen when I visit for the first time?

You’ll be greeted with a warm welcome from our team. During your visit, you’ll hear about the VIP booth. This is your one stop shop to get all your questions answered and get details on the next steps we’ve designed for you.

> What do I wear?

There is no dress code when coming to worship and being a part of Church Alive. Come in what's comfortable to you!

> What's the vibe like?

You're family already. We are Jesus people, not religious people. We like really good conversations. Hugging is optional. We like you the way you are.

> What do you offer for middle school and high schoolers?

On Sunday’s we welcome middle school and high schoolers to join us in the main gathering! During the week we also offer engaging gatherings specifically designed with your student in mind! Visit our Live Students page for more information.
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